By thinking about your experiences and relationships, past and present, we can work towards an in depth understanding of who you are. By understanding how you are really feeling, and thinking about what is happening in a thoughtful and non-judgemental way, we can start to identify and challenge patterns of behaviour which may be causing problems in your life. I believe that the self awareness gained through therapy can offer you an opportunity to realise your full potential.


There may also be times where you just feel you need some support, or to 'off-load' in a therapeutic space where you can talk freely and openly.


The relationship between therapist and client is very important. Our initial meeting is an opportunity for you to talk about what has brought you to counselling, ask questions, and for me to explain what I can offer, so that you can decide whether you think this is the right step for you.

My background and qualifications


I worked for 15 years in the business world before retraining, and I am familiar with the issues that arise from working in a corporate setting. I have many clients who are referred to me through their health schemes, with work related issues.


In addition to my core training in Psychodynamic therapy (in which I have a Masters qualification) I have also trained at the Tavistock Institute - a renowned centre of excellence for Systemic (Groups and Family) Therapy, where I gained a Post Graduate Certificate. During my training I underwent 4 years of group therapy and 3 years of individual therapy, so I have some experience of sitting on the other side of the process. I am also an experienced coach, and can adapt my approach to suit your needs.


I have 10 years post qualification experience with well over 5000 client hours. In my private practice I work with relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, anger management, bipolar disorder, and a range of other issues. I have also worked in a hospice which has given me considerable experience in working with individuals and their families who are affected by living with a serious illness, and those who have lost someone as a result of illness.


I offer long-term, open-ended therapy, in addition to short term work, where the focus is on one specific problem or difficulty.


If you think that I may be able to assist you, please feel free to contact me by email or give me a call, and we can have an initial chat about what I can offer. If it feels right for you, we can arrange to meet. I aim to see new clients within a week of their first enquiry (availability permitting) as I feel it is important to maintain the momentum once a decision has been made.

I charge £75 per session for individuals (lasting 50 minutes) and £90 for couples (one hour). I offer a limited number of spaces at a reduced fee.